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Beginning jQuery

My first physical book, Beginning jQuery was published in February 2013. I was approached to write the book in June 2012, and seven months later it’s about to be released. The book aims to guide a JavaScript and jQuery novice through to a level at which they are comfortable in writing their own plugins.

The JavaScript Playground

I run the popular JavaScript Playground, which received over 250,000 page views in its first 9 months of existance. On it I cover a range of JavaScript and jQuery subjects with short, concise tutorials.

Testing with CoffeeScript

My first book, Testing with CoffeeScript was published as a free “mini book”. It has had over 2,000 downloads to date. The book looks at TDD with the JS library Jasmine, whilst writing all the code in CoffeeScript.

.Net magazine

Since mid 2012 I have been a regular writer for .Net, the largest web development magazine in the UK. I write the JavaScript gallery section every month and have written for the website too, on subjects such as MV* Frameworks.

“Backbone Fundamentals” RequireJS Chapter

I was asked by Addy Osmani to contribute to his Backbone Fundamentals book, a book published by O’Reilly but freely available on the internet too. I helped write the chapter on using Backbone with RequireJS.

TIL: Vim

A small Jekyll powered blog, TIL Vim documents things I learn about the Vim editor.


pulldown is a small npm module for quickly downloading libraries via the command line.

You can find many more projects on Github.


Future of Web Apps: Giving your Development Grunt - October 2013

At Future of Web Apps in London, I spoke about improving your development workflow with GruntJS. Slides.

Generate Conf: The new Era of JS - September 2013

At GenerateConf, I spoke about the new era of JavaScript. Slides | Video.

Future of Web Design: Better JavaScripting - May 2013

At The Future of Web Design Conference in London I spoke about the future of JavaScript, about modernising our workflow and getting over the whole “web app” thing. Slides

Port80: Tools for Better JavaScripting - May 2013

At Port80 I spoke on Practical JavaScripting - new tools, approaches and methods that can improve your day to day development. Slides.

12 Devs: The Future of JS - April 2013

A quick 10 minute talk I gave at 12Devs Easter with lots of Jurassic Park references. Slides

Modern Tooling on the Command Line Workshop - March 2013

In partnership with EventHandler, I ran a workshop on useful command line tools that exist for JS development.

Building CLI Tools with JavaScript - March 2013

In partnership with EventHandler, I ran a workshop on building your own command line tools with JavaScript, node and npm.

TakeOff Conf: RequireJS - January 2013

A 30 minute talk at Take Off Conference in Lille, France on RequireJS. Slides || Blog Post

London JS: JavaScript Optimisation - November 2012

A 15 minute talk showing some JS optimisation tips given at London JS. Slides

Web Developer’s Conference: Better JavaScripting - October 2012

A 30 minute talk at WDC on Better JavaScript. I ranted about using GUIs, praised the command line endlessly and shared some of my other JS developing tips. Slides

Belfast XCake: JavaScript and Mobile - August 2012

A 20 minute ramble on JavaScrip and mobile devices. Slides

London Titanium: Node.js Introduction - July 2012

At the London Titanium user group meetup I spoke for 20 minutes on Node.js. Slides.

DevXS: CoffeeScript Workshop - February 2012

I ran a 2 hour CoffeeScript workshop at DevXS in London.

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My first book, Beginning jQuery, introduces the reader to the jQuery JavaScript library. Published in February 2013.